Tuesday, July 9, 2019

food you eat!

     Do you know what you consume every time you eat piece after piece of chicken pork or beef? The answer is they're from these big huge companies. But have all this meat on your plate has been living breathing and once had a life like any of your pets. Now before you throw this 15 years old piece of work hear me out I've been doing research… I've figured out the horrible abuse these animals have been through, when they where alive. Have you?
      I have figured out that McDonald's grocery brands and other food companies do bad things but more importantly don't treat our livestock with respect. In fact people at the food companies like to crush chickens little bodies. Cut off their beaks, beat them, hurt the babies… and keep them in tight unhealthy, very small cages. This is to spread out the word for people who want  to change their eating habits and for people that are unhealthy like me eat good brands of meats you can find. (Not foster farms)

Monday, August 21, 2017

how to make healthy mcdonalds break fast

 Ingredients: tortilla, eggs,  jalapeno, red (onion optional) sausage  ketchup, red pico pica

now scramble egg with sausage and jalapeno now when its done wrap up in tortilla and mix pico pica with ketchup 

thats the recipe hope you liked it :)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

my views

 India       4
    Germany        4
                Romania        5 

 Poland               6 

Canada                  9

Thailand             10

Ukraine                                    14   

France                       76

Russia                               254

United states                                                  2087    ==================================

Thank you all so much I love you guys