Tuesday, October 6, 2015

my adventure story part 2 a true story

 We were threated and surrounded i was taken to the outside of the backyard and i was with christian with the medal bat i do not know what was happening to my  friend we then escaped. when they allowed me to the back yard we made a dash outta there we were in the middle of the street and my friend did not listen to me saying run, instead she walked back then we escaped and she came back then we escaped and kept running. then we saw a cute little dog and all of us stopped to pet it then while they were, busy being distracted, i ran to my friends mom i told her then she was mad. we whent over there and  they said they did not do anything and that we were doing it                                                                                                no thanks to christian mckenzie and christians sister i do not know well                                                                                                               i know i got some things wrong